The Next Chapter…

This blog served as the original and for years its url redirected there, just in case any of my old business cards were floating around.

Well that changes now.

While I love reviewing comics, and will continue to do so, I’ve also been pitching scripts. Some of them have actually been published, some are waiting to be, and some are still drafts waiting for polishing before the next step.

I’ve had two published works under my pen name, Dan Charles, and after speaking to a few comic creators I respect I think it’s time to hang that up and just pitch as Chuck Suffel.

There are companies that will pass immediately simply because they know me as a reviewer and fear the appearance of impropriety. I get that. But if you know me, or have followed my work, then you know that I do not take money or any compensation for favorable reviews. Nor will I. Ever.

So here we go, the next chapter. Time to get writing, as me. This space will be for talking about writing, testing out ideas, showcasing upcoming projects, and networking with artists, writers, and publishers.

If you’d like to see the work I’ve done as Dan Charles check out the Harvey Award nominated 27 Club Anthology or the Baroque Pop Anthology (which is currently on kickstarter!)